HXT, a Patent Pending Heat Exchange Technology, provides external heat that can be adjusted and directed to areas of the body where extra heat is needed.

The external heat is provided thru a combination of a specially designed and patented "Heat Chambers" and Microwaveable Materials 


HXT is Honored to be featured in "Arthritis Today" magazine, December 2017 Issue. Look for a copy at your nearest newsstand.

Raynauds.org has been  featuring HXT on their site as a feature product  since 2015 to help those suffering with Raynauds Syndrome. Read Article. They recently launched a Marketplace where you will also find information about HXT you can see that here.

We are Super excited that we have been chosen by Runners World (RunnersWorld.com) as one of the Gear of the Year Awards!! Check it out and get directly from the manufacture here.

RunnersWorld.com Gear of the Year


I ordered these and am happy to report on my last 2 days of using them that they WORK!!! I live in Boston and the temps have been in the teens the past few days. I have a 20 minute walk to and from work and never have I been able to walk home from work in my "normal" gloves (which are quite nice I might add) and not get home with ice cold white fingers that has be run for the stove. I have worn these gloves the past 2 days and for the first time on a walk home my fingers did not freeze. I highly recommend at least based on my past 3 uses.

Jill S.