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About the HXT team

Why HXT? A little history....

Ten Years ago, while developing a line of running gloves for a major U.S. glove company, our research suggested that up to 40% of all people do not have warm hands with conventional gloves.

Often these cold hands were the result of poor circulation, brought on by a variety of ailments. We came to the conclusion that the only way to provide adequate warmth and comfort was to produce a glove that has an external heat source.
HXT Heated Glove Technology
Our requirements were numerous. We wanted an external heat source that was adjustable and could be directed to various areas of the hand. The system has to be simple to use, affordable, re-useable, and eco-friendly.
HXT Technology
The result? HXT was born! Heat X-change Technology (HXT) is a patent pending technology that guarantees warm hands in all conditions.
If you have cold hands, HTX is the solution!