Gear of the Year HXT Heated Gloves

Skiing down a windswept slope, running on a country lane, or bicycling to work?

Activities that can be ruined if you have cold hands. HTX, with adjustable and directed heat, can assure you warmth and comfortable hands in all weather and temperature conditions.



HXT Heated Gloves for Older Skiers

One foot or two! On a mountain or across a meadow! Skiing and snowboarding are practiced in COLD weather. It's no secret, 40% of all skiers have cold hands. And, cold hands are the best way to ruin your day on-snow.

HXT with it's "Patent Pending" technology will warm your hands no matter how low the temperature or your level of activity.



HXT Heated Gloves for cold weather running

You're no fair weather runner. You're out there pounding the pavement 365 days per year. You're not deterred by the lowest temperatures or the worst winter weather. But cold hands can ruin even the most passionate runner's workout.

If you are one of the 40% of runners with cold hands, HXT is the answer. Providing external heat that is adjustable and directed, your hands will never be cold again, no matter how low the temperature or how nasty the weather.

In addition to warm hands. The HXT Marathon has Hi-Visibility panels, reflective materials, and even an integrated nose wipe.

Simply the BEST running glove available today.



HXT Heated Gloves for cold weather biking

Weather on two wheels or a moving tread, moving at 40 MPH at zero degrees can be tough on your body. Especially your hands. Now there is a solution. HXT externally heated gloves. No matter how low the temperature, HXT adjustable and directed heat will keep your hands warm and comfortable.

Plus Hi-visibility panels and reflective materials will assure that motorists will see you in the lowest visibility and darkness conditions. HXT will help you be a true 2 wheel winter warrior.