Why are my hands (and feet) cold?

One of the most asked questions at HXT is, “Why are my hands cold?” Volumes have been written on this subject. We’re going to make this simple by boiling it down to a one word answer. “Circulation”.

Blood is heated in the body core (to 98.6 degrees) and then circulated to the extremities. If this circulation is in any way impeded, the result is cold hands and feet.

While the one word answer is easy it leads to the question, “Why do I have poor circulation? A much more difficult question to answer. But, here are few possibilities.

1. Disease: Diseases such as Raynauds, Diabetes, and Arthritis are just a few

2. Life Style: Abuse of alcohol, and drugs are two lifestyles that may inhibit good circulation. Poor circulation can also be traced to overweight and obesity.

3. Smoking: Nothing else need be said.

4. Sitting too long / lack of exercise : There is no question that our 21st century lifestyle, IE 8 hours sitting at a computer, can contribute to poor circulation.

5. Age: As we age our circulation system becomes less efficient. Narrowing of the arteries and less flexibility leads to less warm blood flowing to the extremities.

Now that we’ve identified some conditions that might cause cold hands and feet, watch for our next blog for hints and tips on how to  “Be Warm … All the Time”.