Busting the Myths About Heated Gloves

We have a saying at HXT, “If you insulate an ice cube, you still have an ice cube”. Meaning if you have cold hands due to poor circulation, the best insulation available will have only marginal effect. The only way to have warm comfortable hands is to provide external heat.

Simple idea, not so simple a solution. Attempts at providing external heat have been going on for 50+ years, with varying degrees of success. Here in Blog 4 We’ll visit a few ideas describe the pros and cons, and bust a few myths along the way.


Early handwarmers (back in the 50’s) actually used “Lighter Fluid” to provide heat. They were made of metal and were heavy and bulky. Not to mention you walked around with a container of fire in your pocket. They disappeared in the 60’s and we’ll leave to your imagination as to why!

The current handwarmers go by a variety of brand names but, all work pretty much the same. They contain a combination of carbon, metal filings, and a few secret ingredients. When exposed to air an exothermic reaction occurs. In other words, they get hot. And unlike their earlier cousins, there’s little chance that you might burst into flames while in use.

Actually, they are quite dependable and will provide heat for up to 8 hours. The downside is they are one time use (Which can get expensive), they’re thick and bulky (Sort of like have a short sausage in your glove), and they’re not eco-friendly (a billion or so will fill up a landfill).

Electric Gloves

This is where we’re going to ruffle a few feathers. Electrically heated products have been around since the 60’s and seem to go thru hot and cold cycles (no pun intended) every 10 years or so. Heated products are on an upswing now due to the dramatic lowering of price over the last 2 or 3 years (More on this later). The devise works much like electric heat in a house. Energy is provided by a lithium battery that flows thru an electric wiring grid. Thus, producing heat. Simple solution, difficult implementation. First the lithium battery. It solved the earlier problems of length of heat but, they are expensive to replace, require several hours of charging, are bulky, and are very eco-unfriendly. There is also the question of the durability of the wiring system. Break a wire, throw out the gloves. Lithium batteries are also prone to overheating and bursting into flames. In fact, if you put your electric ski gloves in your checked baggage, and the airline finds out, you will be ejected from the plane at 50,000 feet and banned from flying for life.

I promised we would discuss price. Heated gloves are being sold on the internet for as low as $29.95. How, you might ask. One word, China. You can spot an electric glove coming from China several ways. 3 different companies all run the same ad. One company different names. Check the grammar. If the ad sounds like it was written in someone’s 2nd language, China. If the ad states, “Delivery in 7 to 10 days, definitely China. If you think you can get a high quality technical product for $29.95, good Luck. Buyer beware.

HXT Heat X-Change Technology

Now we’re toot our own horn for a little bit. We began the development of HXT heated gloves and hats over 9 years ago and had a few criteria.

1. Heat had to be adjustable.

2. Heat could be directed to different areas of the hand.

3. Simple to use.

4. Cost Effective.

5. Eco Friendly.

After 7 years of research and development, we achieved all five. Thru the use of microwaveable gel packs and the patent pending heat chambers, 30 seconds in the microwave will produce up to 3 hours of warmth and comfort.

In the first 2 years of sales HXT is seen on the Reynaud’s Market Place, was featured in Arthritis Today Magazine, and received the prestigious “Gear of the Year” Award from Runner’s World Magazine.

Check out the entire selection of HXT heated product and learn why we say, WARM HANDS … ALL THE TIME

Enter code Blog4 at checkout for a 20% discount Next week, in blog #5, we’ll talk about new space age materials that will keep you warm and comfortable in all conditions