The Technology

HXT, is a technology that provides external heat that can be adjusted and directed to the areas of the hand and fingers where heat is most needed. The heart of HXT is the Patent Pending heat chamber. The chamber reflects 90% of the heat towards the hand. The heat is provided by reusable gel packs, that can be microwaved, and will provide heat for up to 3 hours. Heat Exchange Technology was developed in conjunction with The JMI Group. JMI is an acknowledged leader in the development of cutting edge technologies.

HXT Glove Cross Section

The heart of the HXT system is the patent pending "Heat Chamber".

The heat chamber consists of several layers whose primary function is to reflect 90% of the generated heat back to the hand.

Using state of the art insulating

materials heat is maintained for up to 3 hours.

HTX Mitten

Each glove has 3 heat chambers. The gel packs can be placed in 1, 2, or 3 heat chambers, placing them where heat is most needed. In addition, the more heat packs used, the more heat produced.

HTX Heat Pack

External Heat is provided by micro waved gel packs. These packs are re-useable and will provide many winters of warmth. And, they are Eco-friendly.

Microwavable heating is quick and simple

Simply pop a pair of gloves into the microwave, no need to remove the gel packs, and heat for up to uto 50 seconds. Heat less then 50 seconds for cooler weather and less heat.

Throw-away carbon packs can be substituted.

Need more than 3 hours of heat and no access to a microwave? Throw-away carbon packs can be substituted. Simply remove the gel packs, insert the carbon packs. While not re-useable, the carbon packs can provide up to 8 hours of heat.

Run outside with HTX

HXT, a 21st century technology, will keep your hands warm no matter what the weather or activity. Adjustable heat directed to where you need it. Only with HXT.