Ordered these gloves after seeing it on your website, delivered in about 3 days! These Gloves ROCK! It’s been really cold in Pennsylvania and I walk every day (OUTSIDE). Took them out for a test walk today (it’s about 16 degrees) – Low and behold my fingers were warm and as I finished my walk (about ½ hour) I actually took them off because my hands were too warm. Too Warm, Raynaud sufferers won’t believe it, its unheard of…..Love them! Thank you for making my walks very enjoyable and for helping me feel normal again!
Michelle H. HXT Customer

I ordered these and am happy to report on my last 2 days of using them that they WORK!!! I live in Boston and the temps have been in the teens the past few days. I have a 20 minute walk to and from work and never have I been able to walk home from work in my "normal" gloves (which are quite nice I might add) and not get home with ice cold white fingers that has be run for the stove. I have worn these gloves the past 2 days and for the first time on a walk home my fingers did not freeze. I highly recommend at least based on my past 3 uses.
Jill S.

Just a quick note to tell you how amazing these gloves are! As both a runner and as a sufferer from Raynauds Syndrome I can't begin to tell you how pleased I have been wearing these. I live in Boston where it is quite cold in the winter and I walk to and from work (approx. 20 minutes each way). I can't make it home with normal gloves without my fingers going numb from Raynauds and the past 2 nights I've worn these, my fingers have stayed warm. After the amount of nights running home to get my hands in warm water or over the stove for heat I am thrilled to feel "normal" wearing these. I wore them on a run yesterday morning too and they were great!
Boston Runner/Customer

I commented with a great review on the Raynauds Associate facebook page and I have also shared on my personal facebook page and would not be surprised if you get some orders from that.  So far I have nothing but good things to say about these and I want to personally thank you! If you can make a sock version too that would be amazing :)
Lisa S. HXT Customer

I’ve been using my gloves faithfully and they are terrific. Here are my thoughts. With the proper fit (small/med compared to the size large I originally tested) the glove weight doesn’t bother me at all. The amount of reflective material is a bonus– so much that I feel comfortable not wearing a neon jacket With the extra pull tag/length of the gloves my wrists are never exposed. I love this feature. These are terrific “dog” walking gloves too.
L. A. Running Magazine Editor

I am a crossing guard at our local Elementary school and i haven't been able to find a solution to my hands freezing during the winter months until my daughter found me these. I started the mitten crossing guard trend in our area because now there isn't one of us without your gloves on. The color selection is also nice. Our favorite color is the yellow because it already matches our vests. Thank you for allowing for us to continue to do our jobs in a nice warm manor!!