Warm Hands…All The Time

Our mission at HXT is to improve the quality of life by providing warmth and comfort thru the use of external heat and 21st century materials.

It’s been over 10 years since development began on the award winning HXT Marathon Mitten. During that time we’ve consulted with Doctors, Designers, Engineers, Textile Experts, and most importantly, 1000’s of people with cold hands.

Over the next 10 weeks, thru this blog, we’ll share our research and knowledge. Look for these topics,

1. Why are my hands, (Toes, Ears, Nose) cold?

2. 10 Tips for staying warm?

3. How can I survive the winter?

4. Busting the myths around “Electrically Heated” clothing.

5. Interviews with experts.

6. Medical conditions that cause cold hands. Reynaud’s, Arthritis, Diabetes, Poor circulation in the elderly Just to name a few!


Watch for a new blog every Friday. We’ll help you stay warm and comfortable all winter long !

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