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Busting the Myths About Heated Gloves

We have a saying at HXT, “If you insulate an ice cube, you still have an ice cube”. Meaning if you have cold hands due to poor circulation, the best insulation available will have only marginal effect. The only way to have warm comfortable hands is to provide external heat. Simple idea, not so simple a solution. Attempts at providing external heat have been going on for 50+ years, with varying degrees of success. Here in Blog 4 We’ll visit a few ideas describe the pros and cons, and bust a few myths along the way. Handwarmers Early handwarmers (back...

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10 Tips for WARM hands

1. Start off with warm hands Your hands will be warmer out in the cold if you warm them before you go outside. Running hot water over your hands will prepare them for winter temperatures. 2. Keep the core warm Blood is warmed in the body core and then circulated to the extremities. Prevent body core heat loss by investing in a high quality base layer and parka. Several thinner layers are better than one thick bulky layer. 3. Wear a hat The head is an area of great heat loss. Preserve core heat loss with the addition of a...

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Why are my hands (and feet) cold

One of the most asked questions at HXT is, “Why are my hands cold?” Volumes have been written on this subject. We’re going to make this simple by boiling it down to a one word answer. “Circulation”. Blood is heated in the body core (to 98.6 degrees) and then circulated to the extremities. If this circulation is in any way impeded, the result is cold hands and feet. While the one word answer is easy it leads to the question, “Why do I have poor circulation? A much more difficult question to answer. But, here are few possibilities. 1. Disease:...

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Our mission at HXT is to improve the quality of life by providing warmth and comfort thru the use of external heat and 21st century materials.

Over the next 10 weeks, thru this blog, we’ll share our research and knowledge.

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